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Envirocare Green Awards

The Envirocare Green Awards (EGA) is an initiative launched by Envirocare Labs in 2018. The goal is to inspire and empower professionals and organizations in the fields of environment and sustainability. The award recognizes those who take meaningful steps to protect our environment by adopting or innovating sustainable practices, creating a better future for current and future generations.

EGA is a non-commercial activity driven by a group of like-minded individuals committed to making a positive impact on sustainable practices. The objective is to motivate stakeholders to embrace eco-friendly initiatives and contribute to a world that is both progressive and responsible towards its resources.


Reward & Recognize initiatives taken by Individuals / Organizations to protect the environment


Honour the dedication and innovative initiatives, inspiring a collective commitment to a greener future.


A platform to discuss & recommend solutions to create a sustainable ecosystem for future generations

Since 2018



Knowledge Series on SDG’s


Geotagged Trees

CO2 Reduction
23++ Jobs Created

Setting the Stage for Environmental Excellence

The inaugural edition of the Envirocare Green Awards saw the active participation of 35 organizations and brought together more than 250 professionals dedicated to environmental conservation. The event successfully convened participants from five prominent locations, namely Mumbai, Goa, Aurangabad, Pune, and Nasik, creating a significant regional impact.

Winners I 1st EGA 2018

Expanding Horizons

Building on the previous year’s success, the awards expanded further, attracting 45 organizations and engaging over 350 professionals. The event continued in the five locations, fostering a growing network of environmental champions.

Winners I 2nd EGA 2019

Embracing Digital Innovation in Challenging Times

The awards adapted to the digital landscape in response to the global pandemic. The “Digital Connect” edition of the Envirocare Green Awards saw the participation of 53 organizations, transcending geographical boundaries and embracing global involvement. It highlighted the resilience and determination of the environmental community during challenging times.

Tree Planted for Water I 121 Location I Tamil Nadu.

Winner I 3rd EGA 2020

Connecting Environmental Visionaries Worldwide

Embracing the virtual realm, the awards went genuinely global, welcoming 11 jury members, 11 patrons, and participants from six countries. The event witnessed 61 applicants and audiences from 12 countries, showcasing various environmental initiatives and solutions.

Winner I 4th EGA 2021

Empowering Global Impact

Taking a hybrid digital approach, the awards expanded their reach further. With the support of 11 jury members, 11 patrons, and eight advisors from six countries, the event received 46 impactful applications and registrations from seven countries. The global participation reflected the awards’ growing significance on the international stage.

Winner I 5th EGA 2022

Winner I 6th EGA 2023

How to Participate in EGA

Who can apply

Participants may take part in one of six categories: Large Corporations, Private Institutions/MSMEs, Government Organizations, NGOs, Academia, and Others. Each category represents a distinct sector that is vital for environmental conservation and sustainability. Evaluation is based on the impact participants have on people, the planet, and profits.

Our Advisors

Dr. Prabodh Halde

Head Regulatory Marico Ltd & Chairman CASMB and AIFPA

Mr. Randeep Saini

Managing Director | Green Economy Initiatives Pvt. Ltd.

Dr. Priti Amritkar

Director I Envirocare Labs Pvt Ltd

Dr. Smita Lele

Former Emeritus Professor Institute of Chemical Technology

Mr. M.M Kulkarni

Environment Consultant
AIM Enviro

Dr. Pradip Sarmokadam

Member Secretary, HOD Nodal agency Wetland Authority

Our Jury

Mr. Benedict Odjobo
Dr. Avin Ramaiya

Emerging Business Lead Healthcare & Lifesciences, Teledyne Imaging

Dr. Manoj K.M.Chaturvedi

Chief Executive Officer I Global Sustainability Solutions and Services OFZ LLC (GSustain)

Ms. Lois Ndiba

Executive Director I Food Safety International

Ms. Priya Gunjan

Carbon & Sustainability Manager I W3 Technologies FZCO

Mr. Samir Ketkar

Corporate Planning & Economics Advisor, Petroleum Development Oman

Dr. Youthika Chauhan

Research Associate I Bill & Melinda Gates Agricultural Innovation

Mr. Imran Ustad

Head of contents I Morningstar Sustainalytics

Mr. Awinash Dulip

Co-Founder and COO I SPIROGYRA

Dr. Sangeeta Sharma

Deputy Director I SIES-Indian Institute of Environment Management

Ms. Rama Venugopal

President Consultants Consortium of Chennai

Keynote Speakers EGA 2024

Dr. Sapna Poti

Director Strategic Alliances
o/O Principal Scientific Adviser,
Government of India

Mr. Matthew Webber

Executive Business Coach
Stanford Graduate School of Business
Stanford Seed

Senior Representative from Central Pollution Control Board

Envirocare Green Awards 2024: Patrons

Dr. Nitin Nagrale

Chief Executive Officer, Quality New Zealand Limited

Mr. Nilesh Lele

President at Chamber for Advancement of Small & Medium Businesses

Dr. Hemant Joglekar

Sustainability Consultant Trainer |
Ex-Asian Paints

Dr. Aparna Dhawan

Senior Counsellor and Head Standards & Quality, Confederation of Indian Industry

Mr. Milind Kokje

Chief Editor, BioSpectrum (Asia & India), NuFFooDS Spectrum, AGroSpectrum

Dr. Seema Shukla

Executive Director, TIC Council

Ms. Pooja Makadia

Founder and Director,
1 Sustainable Ltd

Our Partners

Knowledge Partners

Strategic Partner

Support Partners

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Media Partners

Have Questions? We have answered.

The Envirocare Green Awards initiative is driven by raising awareness about the importance of environmental protection, fostering discussions on sustainable solutions, showcasing global environmental initiatives, and recognizing and celebrating the outstanding efforts of individuals and organizations.

The event follows a well-defined timeline and process. After submitting the application form, it undergoes thorough scrutiny by the EGA team and esteemed jury members. Shortlisted participants can then present their initiatives, followed by a Q&A session. The winners are announced during the final event, which includes insightful keynote sessions.

The Envirocare Green Awards hold significant credibility as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity by Envirocare Labs, renowned as India’s first IGBC Platinum Award-rated winner. Past awards winners include prestigious organizations such as Mercedes Benz, Cipla, Unilever, and many others across various categories.

Winners and participants of the Envirocare Green Awards gain several benefits, including international visibility for their initiatives, networking opportunities with like-minded individuals and organizations, access to a knowledge-sharing platform, and the honour of receiving an Envirocare Green Award trophy. Additionally, winners have a tree and a special tree certificate planted in their name.

Participants can participate in one of six categories: Large Corporates, Private Institutions/MSMEs, Government Organizations, NGOs, Academia, and Others. Each category represents a distinct sector crucial to environmental conservation and sustainability.

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