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Envirocare Labs, a distinguished Food Testing Laboratory in Mumbai and Goa with over 44 years of expertise stands at a pinnacle in the realm of quality testing. As an NABL-accredited Food Testing Laboratory, we uphold the highest standards of precision. Our recognition by prominent bodies such as FSSAI, APEDA, AGMARK, Gafta, IOPEPC, EIC, SEA, and the Spice Board of India attests to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Food Testing Laboratory I NABL Accredited

Food Testing Lab Service Nutritional Labelling

Nutritional Labelling

Achieve precise and compliant food labelling through our accurate analysis of nutrient composition and adherence to FSSAI regulations for labelling information.

Fatty Acid Profile

Assess the fatty acid composition of food products to understand their nutritional value and potential health benefits.


Determine cholesterol levels in food items to help consumers make informed dietary choices.

Vitamins & Minerals

Analyze the presence and concentration of essential vitamins and minerals in food for optimal nutritional assessment.

Food Additives

Identify and quantify food additives to ensure compliance with safety regulations and assess potential health risks.


Measure the antioxidant content in food, providing insights into their potential health-promoting properties.


Detect and quantify preservatives used in food products to ensure compliance with regulatory limits and assess their impact.


Detect and identify adulterants in food to safeguard consumer health and maintain product integrity.

Pesticides Residue

Analyze food samples for pesticide residues, ensuring compliance with safety standards and promoting consumer trust.

Crop Contamination

Assess food products for contamination by environmental factors, such as heavy metals or pollutants, ensuring food safety.


Identify and quantify harmful pathogens, such as bacteria or viruses, in food to prevent foodborne illnesses.

GMO Testing

Determine the presence of genetically modified organisms in food products to meet labelling requirements and ensure consumer transparency.

Meat Specification

Verify meat authenticity, species identification, and compliance with labelling regulations.

Shelf Life Studies

Evaluate the shelf life of food products under various storage conditions to maintain quality and freshness.

Sensory Evaluation

Assess the sensory attributes of food, including taste, aroma, texture, and appearance, to enhance consumer satisfaction.

Flavour Profiling

Analyze and characterize the flavour components of food products, enhancing taste and product development.

Drug Residue

Detect and quantify drug residues in food products, ensuring compliance with safety standards and regulatory limits.

Heavy Metal Residue

Analyze food samples for heavy metal contaminants, ensuring food safety and regulatory compliance.

Identify and quantify allergens in food products | Envirocare Labs

Allergen Test

Identify and quantify allergens in food products to protect individuals with allergies and comply with labelling requirements.

Fortified Food

Determine the levels of added nutrients in fortified food products, ensuring accurate fortification and compliance.

Antibiotic Residue

Detect and quantify antibiotic residues in food products to ensure compliance with safety standards and minimize resistance concerns.

Metal Contamination

Identify and quantify metal contaminants in food samples, ensuring safety and compliance with regulatory limits.

Microbiology Testing

Assess food samples for microbial contamination, including bacteria, yeasts, and moulds, ensuring food safety.

Quality Standards

Verify compliance with standards specific to the food industry, ensuring consistent product quality and safety.

Alcoholic Beverages

Analyze alcoholic beverages for quality parameters, including alcohol content, acidity, and sensory characteristics.

Health Supplement

Analyze and verify the quality and composition of health supplements to ensure consumer safety and efficacy.

Toxins Test

Detect and quantify toxins in food samples, ensuring consumer safety and compliance with regulatory limits.

Oil Seeds Testing

Evaluate seed quality, purity, germination potential, and oil content for reliable cultivation and production.