Food Export Survey & Inspection Services

Quality Tested in India: Empowering Food Businesses for Global Export

At Envirocare Labs, we understand the critical role of quality assurance in global trade, particularly in the food industry. Our comprehensive services encompass Food quality Inspection Services and Food Survey Services, ensuring that businesses can export their products worldwide with confidence. We meticulously test and inspect products to meet the highest standards, providing reliable import and export control services. Trust Envirocare Labs to support your business growth and success in the international market, backed by our dedication to excellence in food safety and quality assurance.

Container Inspection

We comprehensively examine the containers to ensure that they meet the required quality and safety standards.

Container Stuffing

We ensure that goods are handled and loaded correctly into containers to avoid damage during transport.

Weight & Quality Certificates

Our certificates establish confidence in your products by verifying weight and quality with precision

Pre & Post Shipment Sampling

For compliance and consistency, we collect samples pre and post-transportation for scientific analysis, ensuring regulatory adherence.

Laboratory Analysis

Comprehensive lab tests for quality, safety & compliance: ETO, Pesticide residue, Mycotoxins, GMO, microbiological testing.

Onsite Spot Analysis

We conduct thorough inspections to ensure that goods meet stringent quality & compliance standards, providing confidence in your products.

Rack Loading & Unloading

We ensure that loading and unloading procedures are done correctly to avoid any damage to the product and maintain its integrity.