Organic Food Testing

Ensuring Organic Purity: Comprehensive Organic Food Testing Services

We are dedicated to ensuring the integrity and safety of organic products. With state-of-the-art testing methods and adherence to strict standards, our expert team provides reliable results. Trust us to verify the absence of GMOs, detect pesticide residues, assess microbiological safety, and analyze allergens. Our commitment to excellence extends to Jaivik Bharat compliance, Agmark inspection and grading, toxin analysis, heavy metal detection, and vegan food testing.

Microbiological Testing

Ensure organic food safety by detecting harmful bacteria, yeast, and moulds that may pose health risks.

GMO Screening

Verify the absence of genetically modified organisms in organic food products, meeting consumer demands for non-GMO choices.

Pesticides Residue

Analyze organic food samples to confirm compliance with pesticide residue limits, ensuring chemical-free products.


Detect and quantify mycotoxins, ensuring organic food safety and minimizing health risks associated with fungal contamination.


Identify and quantify allergenic substances, ensuring organic food safety for individuals with allergies.

Testing as per Jaivik Bharat

Certify organic products as per Jaivik Bharat standards, ensuring compliance and trust in organic claims.

Agmark Inspection & Grading

Ensure organic food quality with Agmark inspection and grading, guaranteeing adherence to regulatory standards.


Analyze organic food samples for toxins, ensuring consumer safety and compliance with stringent quality standards.

Heavy Metals

Detect and quantify heavy metal contaminants in organic food, ensuring safety and adherence to regulatory limits.

Vegan Food Testing

Verify the absence of animal-derived ingredients in organic food products, meeting the demands of vegan consumers.