Analysis and Beyond

Beyond Analysis: Unparalleled Services for Success

At our facility, we go beyond analysis, offering a comprehensive range of services to meet your diverse needs. Partner with us to achieve excellence in safety, compliance, efficiency, and product quality.

Consumer Product Testing

Ensure consumer products’ safety, quality, and compliance through rigorous testing protocols.

Contract Research

Partner with us for tailored research solutions for your requirements.


Tap our expertise for strategic guidance and solutions to optimize your business.

Education & Training

Enhance your knowledge and skills through our comprehensive education and training programs.

Personal Care Product Testing

Validate personal care products’ efficacy, safety, and regulatory compliance.

Energy Audits

Identify energy-saving opportunities and improve efficiency through our expert energy audits.

Water Audits

Assess water usage, identify conservation measures, and enhance water management practices.

Packing Material Testing

Evaluate the quality and safety of packaging materials to ensure product integrity.