Environmental monitoring and testing Services

Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring and Testing

We specialize in air quality assessment, soil analysis, workplace monitoring, toxic substance detection, wastewater evaluation, noise level measurement, waste management, indoor air quality assurance, speciality chemical testing, baseline studies, and plastic material assessment. Our expert team and advanced technology ensure timely, reliable environmental compliance and sustainability results.

Air Monitoring

Assess and monitor air quality to safeguard health and meet regulatory requirements.

Soil Analysis

Analyze soil composition for agricultural, construction, and environmental purposes.

Workplace Monitoring

Ensure a safe and healthy work environment by monitoring air quality and other parameters.

Toxic Substances

Identify and quantify toxic substances in the environment, minimizing risks to human health and ecosystems.

Waste Water

Evaluate the quality of wastewater to meet environmental standards and promote sustainable practices.

Noise Monitoring

Measure and manage noise levels to mitigate environmental impact and protect human well-being.

Haz & Non Haz Waste

With precise testing, we identify and classify hazardous and non-hazardous waste, ensuring responsible disposal practices for a sustainable future.

Indoor Air Quality

Assess and improve indoor air quality for healthier living and working spaces.

Speciality Chemical

Test and analyze speciality chemicals for compliance and safety.

Baseline Studies

Conduct baseline studies to establish environmental benchmarks and track changes over time.

Plastic Testing

Analyze plastic materials for composition, quality, and environmental impact.