Terms & Conditions

Our Business Terms and Conditions are designed to provide clear guidelines for the utilization of our comprehensive testing services at Envirocare Labs. Before embarking on any business transactions, we highly recommend a thorough review of these terms.

General Terms & Conditions

Our Quotations are valid for 30 days. To begin sample collection and testing smoothly, formal acceptance of the quotation is necessary, conditioned on the timely submission of a clear purchase order, Test Request Form (TRF), and KYC documents. GST will be charged separately wherever applicable. Your cooperation is appreciated for seamless processing.

Please be advised that sample acceptance is conditional upon the quantity stipulated in the quotation. Testing becomes unfeasible if the received sample quantity is less than the specified amount in the quotation.

To ensure the seamless processing of your order, we require a 100% advance payment. In the case of credit terms, the submission of a purchase order is a prerequisite. Please be advised that overdue payments will incur an interest rate of 18% per annum. Fees for ancillary services, including the disposal of leftover samples or the return of samples from cancelled projects, will be invoiced separately.

5. Mode of Payment: 

We accept both online payments and cheques. In the case of online transactions, it is mandatory to confirm the transaction by sending an email to accounts@envirocare.co.in.

4. Statutory Deductions: 

Given that our representatives conduct visits exclusively for sampling purposes, statutory deductions such as ESIC and PF are inapplicable. However, the customer is obligated to furnish TDS certificates for tax deductions at source within 30 days from the completion of the quarter.

6. Sampling Expenses and Payments:

If our sampling team faces challenges due to non-cooperation or infrastructure issues at the customer’s site, resulting in service termination, fees for the unsuccessful attempt are non-refundable. In the case of customer-cancelled appointments, after the sampler arrives, the customer is liable for the payment. Fresh payment is required for new sampling appointments.

7. Service Interruption Protocol:

The customer may instruct the laboratory to halt ongoing work. The customer remains responsible for all services rendered until the laboratory is formally notified. Unfinished analyses will incur prorated charges. Directives to interrupt work must be in writing. Invoice adjustments will follow a FIFO basis within two days of payment receipt if no payment advice is received.

8) Results Acceptance Clause: 

The customer is required to settle payment for all services conducted on their behalf and for all reported results. This obligation remains irrespective of any claims made by the customer or their end-users asserting non-conformance with the laboratory’s issued results.

10. Test Reports and Invoices:

The laboratory will provide one original copy of the test report to the customer. Additional copies are available upon request and are subject to applicable charges. Any queries regarding invoices or test reports must be communicated to accounts@envirocare.co.in within seven days; otherwise, acceptance of the reports and invoices is presumed.

Confidentiality and Impartiality

The Laboratory treats all information received from customers about laboratory activities as confidential. The Customer shall also treat all information and data it receives about the Laboratory as proprietary and confidential. This provision does not prevent either party from disclosing and using information or data in good faith where it is to be given to the regulatory authorities or for similar reasons. However, it must inform the other party about such use and take permission unless prohibited by law.

Laboratory and Customer also notify each other in good faith of any activities or relationships that can threaten the impartiality or confidentiality of the contract as soon as these come to knowledge. The test reports, once handed over by the Laboratory to customers, are in the public domain. The Laboratory also is not bound to inform customers of information that it receives from a third source about the Customer unless agreed by the source.

Test Methods

The Laboratory uses test methods given in NABL scope for the accredited parameters. The laboratory scope is provided on request. For nonaccredited parameters or if the method is not specified by the Customer or the method requested by the Customer is inappropriate or out of date, the Laboratory chooses the method, and the Customer is informed. 

Using External Services Provider

The Laboratory may use a competent external service provider for testing work with Customer’s approval if, due to unforeseen reasons resources and competence to perform the testing are temporarily unavailable after the commencing of work. The Customer is also informed of any deviation from the contract. 

Statement of Conformity

When the Customer requests a statement of conformity to a specification or standard, the Laboratory communicates, and the Customer agrees in advance, the decision rule is applied unless it is inherent in the referred specification or standard. The decision rule will be stated on the test report. Opinion and interpretation can only be given if a documented basis is available. 

Customer Cooperation

The Laboratory allows test witnesses similar requests of cooperation to monitor the laboratory performance subject to compliance with laid down requirements. Contact the customer support team for this purpose. 

Sample Delivery Acceptance Including Deviations

Sample Delivery Acceptance is defined as the point in time when the Laboratory has accepted the samples for testing. Even where the Laboratory has entered into a prior contract with a Customer to undertake testing including sampling by the Laboratory, it reserves the right to refuse or reject any sample that it deems to be:

  • of unsuitable volume;
  • of health, safety, environmental or another risk including legal involvement;
  • a sample that will fail to meet holding times including the passage of time prior to delivery, such that sample viability is not maintained or
  • impacts the integrity of the Laboratory. Suppose the Customer requests any deviations and or supplies any information that can affect the validity of results and insists on proceeding with testing.

In that case, a disclaimer to effect is put on the test report. Samples sent by Customer to Laboratory shall have a clear marking“Samples for testing purposes having no commercial value.”Prior to Sample Delivery Acceptance, the entire risk of loss or damage to samples remains with the Customer, except where the Laboratory provides sampling services. The Laboratory is also not responsible for variation in characteristics of samples taken up for analysis after holding up for want of clarification from the Customer. 

Sampling by Laboratory

Where the Laboratory does sampling, the Customer has to ensure that adequate arrangements for drawing samples, including but not limited to the provision of sampling platforms, port holes, power supply, drinking water, safety and security of men and machines, relevant access, or any other cooperation as desired is provided free of cost. 

Sample Disposal

Where samples are not consumed in the testing, the Laboratory disposes of the samples in 2 days (perishable samples) / seven days (nonperishable samples) from the date of issue of the test report unless instructed to store them for some time. 

Turn Around Time

Normal turnaround time is the time required for testing plus three days. Make sure about your turnaround time at the time of contract. Customers Customer must disclose in writing if the analysis of the sample is for any legal purpose. 


Under no circumstances, whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, the Laboratory is not responsible for loss of use, loss of profits, or for any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages occasioned by the services performed or by application or use of the reports prepared. The financial liability of the Laboratory is limited to the maximum extent of fees charged. 

These terms and conditions constitute an inherent part of all contracts executed. Acceptance of any contract constitutes an acceptance by the Customer to do business under these and an agreement to be bound by these, whether exclusively signed or not.