Corporate Compliances

Our Commitment to

Excellence & Integrity

At Envirocare Labs, our corporate policies reflect our unwavering dedication to ethical practices, the well-being of our stakeholders, and the broader societal good. They are more than just guidelines; they are a testament to our values and our promise to uphold the highest standards in all our endeavours. For detailed policy documents or further inquiries, please reach out to our corporate affairs department.

Cornerstones of Integrity & Excellence at Envirocare Labs

  • Purpose: Demonstrating our commitment to societal contributions.
  • Vision: Assist the less privileged, especially near our operational areas; collaborate with NGOs, trusts, and institutes.
  • Focus: Education, healthcare, gender equality, environmental sustainability, etc.
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  • Purpose: Foster reporting of unethical behaviours, violations, or concerns.
  • Protection: Ensures confidentiality and protection against retaliation.
  • Procedure: Report in writing to the designated officer or committee; escalation options available.
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  • Purpose: Ensure a workplace free from harassment and discrimination.
  • Protection: Zero-tolerance for any harassment; strict actions against violators.
  • Support: Confidential helplines and counselling for affected individuals.
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  • Purpose: Set expectations for employee behaviour and integrity.
  • Key Points: Professionalism, respect in the workplace, and compliance with laws.
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  • Purpose: Safeguard against unethical financial practices.
  • Principles: No tolerance for bribery, transparent financial reporting, and immediate reporting of suspicious activities.
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  • Purpose: Ensure equitable, respectful treatment of all employees.
  • Practices: Fair wages, no child labour, and adherence to labour laws.
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  • Purpose: Prioritize the well-being of employees and stakeholders.
  • Practices: Safety protocols, regular training, and audits.
  • Goal: Zero accidents or incidents.
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  • Purpose: Uphold environmentally responsible operations.
  • Practices: Waste reduction, energy-efficient operations, sustainable sourcing.
  • Goal: Reduce our carbon footprint and champion green initiatives.
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  • Purpose: Guarantee high-quality products and services.
  • Practices: Frequent audits, continuous improvement, and adherence to industry standards.
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