Late Shri Suresh Ramdas Amritkar

Founder Envirocare Labs

Envirocare Labs was founded in 1979 by Late Shri Suresh Ramdas Amritkar and his brother, Mr Ravindra Amritkar. Shri Suresh Ramdas Amritkar was a distinguished individual who held key positions in the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board and Bhabha Atomic Research Centre after completing his post-graduation in 1968. His passion for contributing to the environment led to the establishment of Lab in 1975, which paved the way for Envirocare Labs in 1979.

Shri Suresh Ramdas Amritkar’s entrepreneurial spirit, research expertise, and vision have been instrumental in completing over 100 effluent treatment plant projects for various industries, including pharmaceuticals, bulk drugs, fine chemicals, sugar mills, distilleries, dairies, breweries, confectioneries, and others. In recognition of his exceptional contributions to environmental treatment projects, he was awarded the prestigious Indira Gandhi National Award in 2000.

Our Team

New Entrepreneurial Journeys

Initially, Envirocare Labs was dedicated to designing and executing effluent treatment plant projects while providing lab-scale R&D testing services. However, in 2006, the sudden demise of the founder dealt a significant blow to the business.

Despite this adversity, it began an entrepreneurial journey for two determined individuals. Under the leadership of Dr Nilesh Amritkar and Dr Priti Amritkar, the company underwent a transformative process, embracing a new direction. This involved shifting its product and service offerings, expanding its customer base, reorganizing its employee structure, and adopting a dynamic management style.

Today, Envirocare Labs has emerged as a world-class testing, inspection, and certification company renowned for its technical expertise and a dedicated team of scientists committed to addressing global environmental challenges.

Dr. Nilesh Amritkar

Managing Director I Envirocare Labs
PhD in Microbiology from the Foods and Fermentation Department of UDCT Mumbai (Now ICT)

Dr. Priti Amritkar

Director Labs I Envirocare Labs
PhD in Chemical technology from UDCT Mumbai (Now ICT)

Dr. Randeep Singh Saini   

Director Technical I Envirocare Labs

Karan Narvekar

Legal Advisor

Suhas Shinde

Chief Financial Advisor